About Us

At Life Is Sports/GiG Golfwear we set out to create an apparel brand that we believe would strike an immediate connection with sports fans and golfers.

Our core focus had to include quality fabrics and manufacturing, versatile wearability, and comfort that would meet the standards of discerning customers.  However, to stand out in a very crowded field, we stepped it up a little further and added what we felt was lacking in other brands; a strong emphasis on relatability.

To do that we asked ourselves, “what will make our brand and merchandise relatable from the very first impression without an expensive advertising campaign or athlete endorsements?” 

Answer? Incorporate fan and player passions and experiences into our merchandise using exclusive designs and trademarked slogans.

And we believe we nailed it!

We look forward to hearing what The Good in Golf means to you.  What your favorite Golf Days Never Disappoint story is.  And how the Good-ish Golfer slogan makes you and your friends laugh and relax.

Make sports apparel relatable and fun.